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How we got started

Providing quality crawfish at quality prices!

At Pinch’n Tails Crawfish we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-quality live crawfish available.  

Our live crawfish are direct from farm to table. We are, first and foremost, crawfish eaters just like our customers, and we were exhausted with the mediocre crawfish available and the outrageous prices in which they were being sold. We took it upon ourselves to locate farms that found quality and product satisfaction to be their #1 priority and create long lasting relationship with them.

From East Texas all the way to the bayous of Louisiana, we strive to provide the best quality crawfish we can find.

Now we understand good CRAWFISH means freshness! So our quality doesn't stop at the farm. Our logistics are bar none. Our crawfish go from cleaning and sorting table to 38 degree coolers til we pick them up. Then into our 38-40 degree cooling trailers to transport to you coolers!

This ensures our CRAWFISH never leave their state of dormancy and in turn stay ALIVE.
This allows us to provide you with the biggest and freshest live crawfish for your next backyard boil.

We offer pre-ordered crawfish and have them delivered when you need them.
With our satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that your Pinch’n Tails Crawfish experience will be seamless and delicious.

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Crawfish boils always brings family and friends together. That's why we strive to keep our crawfish community alive and thriving just like the fresh crawfish we offer! 

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