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Offering pre-ordered wholesale crawfish, shrimp, blue crab, and alligators ready for delivery when you need them.

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Growing up in an outdoor family gave great foundation to now this family-owned business. With 20+ years of experience in wildlife biology, animal behavior, and numerous years involved in state programs has allowed us a better understanding to implement toward our logistics. This knowledge allows us to ensure the FRESHEST seafood every time!

At Pinch’n Tails Crawfish, we are first and foremost crawfish eaters, just like our customers.

We hit the water, visiting farm after farm, from North Louisiana all the way to the bayous, until we found crawfish farmers who prioritized quality control and customer satisfaction above all else. We have since created long-lasting relationships with these farms, which is why we can get first dibs on the freshest live crawfish to bring direct from the farm to your table.

Also like our customers, we were exhausted with the mediocre crawfish available for purchase and the outrageous prices in which they were being sold, so we decided to do something about it.

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Researched and Calculated Logistics to Ensure Ultimate Freshness

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No matter what you're craving, anyone who’s experienced bad, old, or rotten SEAFOOD knows that freshness is key! Our dedication to quality doesn't stop at the farm. Pinch'n Tails' logistical process is held to the highest standards. Once caught, our live seafood goes from the cleaning and sorting table to our retrofitted custom-built refrigerated trailers, each designated for its own product.

Crawfish: 38-degrees
Blue crab: 50-degrees
Oysters: 34-degrees
Frozen products: Subzero degrees

This ensures our crawfish NEVER leave their state of dormancy and in turn, stay ALIVE. This allows us to provide you with the freshest live seafood and crawfish for your next hot n’ juicy backyard crawfish boil.

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Crawfish boils always bring family and friends together.That's why we strive to keep our crawfish community alive and thriving just like the fresh crawfish we offer! 
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