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New to Crawfish?

Read on to learn all about these freshwater crustaceans!

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The Ins and Outs of Crawfish

There’s no need to be intimidated by these lobsters of the south.
We’ll teach you all that’s needed to have a successful, hot and juicy crawfish boil.

Keeping Your Crawfish Alive

To keep live crawfish in a state of dormancy, regulate temperature to a consistent 36-42 degrees.

If a refrigeration unit is not available, not to worry! An ice chest and ice will be sufficient. If you choose to place them in an ice chest, open the plug and keep the chest tilted to keep water from accumulating at the bottom.

Cooking & Eating Your Crawfish

Follow this recipe when preparing one sack of crawfish.

Pinch’n Tails Recipe

Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling Crawfish Educated?

If you have any other questions that weren’t answered here or if you need additional guidance,
feel free to reach out to our crawfish experts!